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God has created each one of us unique. He has blessed us with different levels of mental capacities, skills, and personality. As human beings we have many desires and expectations from our future personal and professional life. Sometimes our capacities and skills match with our requirements fulfilling our dreams. But most of the times we lack behind in one or the other aspect due to the gap between our present skills and the required ones.

To bridge this gap, YES offers its Online Capacity Building Program for different people, for their different needs and through different modes. YES provides FREE interactive Webinars, Online Courses for step by step learning and Self-help articles.


Attend YES Webinars FREE of cost to build your Career and Character. Our interactive Webinars allow you to hone your career skills, improve your study strategies and develop your inner self.

YES 45 minutes Webinars provide you opportunity to learn practical approach to apply in your life and make it a big success.

During Webinars, you can discuss, ask questions and clarify your doubts for sure-shot positive change in your Career and Character.

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YES Capacity Building FREE Online Courses allows you to develop your skills step by step. YES courses are:

Training Program

(A must do course
for college students)
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Study Skills
Training Program

(A must do course
for school students)
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More Courses

YES 5 days customized and well-structured online classes helps you to first assess your current potential followed by its analysis and interpretation. Then YES facilitates you to learn the strategies to enhance it further.

Moreover, anytime while taking the course, you are free to ask questions and clear your doubts by just sending us an e-mail. So, donít wait and register now for a FREE Course.


When you think about a problem, you actually want to come out of it and feel better. And when you think of bringing some positive change, It has to start from you. Once you decide to transform yourself into a successful person, both personally and professionally; YES is there to help YOU. It provides a wide range of self-help articles under following categories:

Just select any topic of your interest from above according to your need, YES will provide YOU the write-ups to make yourself a more positive and productive person.

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YES believes in constant and continuous support system. Thus, after reading YES articles, if YOU have any query, just feel free to drop a mail to our experts.

YES Online Counseling

Are you...

  • Feeling confused and stressed about career and life situations?
  • Not sure how to deal with your problems?
  • Not finding anyone to share your trouble and concerns?
  • Regretting about your past decisions?
  • Feeling nervous with little self-confidence and self-esteem?

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