YES Online Counseling

YES provide online counseling to adolescents and young adults to address their educational, behavioural, social and emotional concerns. YES enable them to deliberate and make informed choices with regard to different aspects of their life.

Are you:

  • Feeling confused and stressed about career and life situations?
  • Not sure how to deal with your problems?
  • Not finding anyone to share your trouble and concerns?
  • Regretting about your past decisions?
  • Feeling nervous with little self-confidence and self-esteem?

How YES help YOU:

  • Received query through e-mail would be attended within 24 hours on working days (more).
  • You would be sent set of questions evaluate and understand your needs.
  • Your query would be responded and suggestions would be provided through interactive counseling via E-mails, Phone or Skype.
  • A comprehensive feedback would be sought.

So, donít wait. Get personalized and interactive advice that's quick, confidential, and most importantly, provides solutions. Positive changes in your life, career and relationships are just a click away!

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Types of Counseling YES offers:


The young generation is often confused about the Career options that are available to them. They usually come across conflicting questions like, ďWhich profession is best suited for me OR which course should I take up?Ē Their choice of career is determined by how you want to see yourself in future; who your role models are, how you want the society to perceive you; what your parents expects from you etc.

Through Career Counseling sessions, YES helps individuals to explore themselves in areas such as their interest, aptitude, personality and values. Based on these, YES facilitates an Individual to choose a career which is most suited to him.

YES also help students to deal with issues like examination stress and anxiety and problems related to learning and concentration etc.


You may face challenges on different fronts of life and may have to confront them with confidence and control. But at times you donít feel strong enough to handle it. You might feel anxious, stressed, confused, nervous, feared lack of control, low self-esteem, or lost.

Through our Personal Counseling, YES focuses on enabling you to deal with your personal issues effectively. YES helps you in coming out of problems like stress, depression, low self-esteem and confidence, identity concern, crisis needs and coping, relationship issues, chemical abuse and violence issues.


At times parents get worried about their children because of various reasons. They might notice their child being reserved or shy, misbehaving, disorganized, not performing well in school, etc.

Through our Parental Counseling, YES supports and guide parents, how to deal with their children at times of need. YES also counsel parents on helping their child to choose the right career.

YES assure YOU that highest level of confidentiality would be maintained while counseling.

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